Two of our songs to be on Braxi’s New Album

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We are pleased to announce that Braxi, a theatrical duo from Holland are including two of our original songs on their new album which is to be launched in October 2016 throughout Europe, Canada and the USA.

Brandi & Max emailed us to ask if they could use our song “Tu Amore” on their new album. They also mentioned that they wanted another original epic song for their album. We sent them songs within our portfolio which they declined and then they received a song that they absolutely loved.

We worked together to change some of the Italian words into English, add some new Italian lines and a new title and “Senza Fiato” (Breathless) was born. Brandi & Max have put their own unique sound to the song, with incredible harmonies and counter melodies to make a very, very powerful and emotional song.

They have invited us to the launch party of their new single at a theatre in Amsterdam in April and I for one will not be missing it. Flight booked, hotel booked, passport located, I can’t wait.

You can learn more about Braxi by visiting their website

Please see their press release for details VIP press release ENG and if you will like to attend the launch party you can but tickets from


 braxi 3

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