A slow blues song “Just to be with you”

Just to be with you

Pour yourself a drink, sit back and listen to an original slow blues song we wrote, featuring Steve "fingers" Hemsley on the piano and Esther Vaughan on vocals. We don't normally write Jazz / Blues, ... [Read More]

New Song: This Christmas Time

Well it has to be about that time of year for consideration of Christmas Songs by record companies. Listen to "This Christmas Time" for the tenor voice, written by the team at Musical Creations and ... [Read More]

Congratulations to After Daybreak

Congratulations to the guys in After Daybreak on the launch of their album in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. They are also touring South Korea in April. Musical Creations are pleased to be ... [Read More]

Female voice song “I Need Love”

The team at Musical Creations have just finished writing their latest song for the female voice. The song is entitled "I Need Love" and is a very emotive song about the famine and poverty in ... [Read More]

Musical Creations Song Featured

One of Musical Creations classical crossover songs has been included on an album launched on the 7th June 2011 by the USA tenor trio "After Daybreak" The song written in Italian and entiled "Tu ... [Read More]

Jon Christos records Rimpianto Song

Jon Christos

Jon Christos has just announced on his website that he has finished recording our original award winning song "Rimpianto" which is to be included on his album. We have heard the final mix and can ... [Read More]

With Regret to Em Clark

It is with regret that we have to announce that one of our lyricists Em Clark has passed away recently. Em, a wonderful lady from the USA who will be sadly missed, wrote the words to our song "There ... [Read More]