Artist Case Study. BRAXI

BRAXI are an extremely talented theatrical duo that blend a style of Glam Rock with opera and pop.


BRAXI emailed us 8 weeks ago, to say that they were having a meeting with their record company the same afternoon and that they had been on our Musical Creations website and heard a clip of one of our songs called “Tu Amore”. They asked us to send the full version, which we did and by the same evening after their meeting, they emailed us to say “Tu Amore” was on the album.

WOW that was quick!!!!!

They then said they wanted a second song for the album and after us emailing a number of our songs over to them which they declined, we sent over a song that they absolutely loved. Both Brandi & Max changed some of the Italian lyrics to English, added another verse and added some superb harmonies which took our original song to another level and “Senza Fiato” was born.

They recorded it and told us that this would not only be the second song of ours on their album, but also the second single release from the album and a video was also to be released.

We were invited to their single release launch party in the centre of Amsterdam which was a fantastic display of their vocal abilities, passion and personality’s.

The evening was absolutely brilliant…. Brandi and Max performed a 45 minute show and then showed the video of their new single release. It was a boozy evening and I met some great people in the music and video industry from management to dancers and producers all associated with BRAXI.

These guys are different (you need to be different to succeed) beautiful, extremely talented and genuinely just nice, nice people. Both have not only great vocal ranges and styles, but a quality in their voices that blend like a man and wife. In fact that’s what they are, man and wife, madly in love with each other and it shows through their music and performance.

Braxi 3

Braxi are managed by Alan Cutler of Peel Entertainment Group who published the following write up and they are destined for a successful career. I also met with Bruce Smith, a lyricist who has had two number 1 hits in Japan and various songs in the Eurovision Song Contest amongst countless other successes.

Braxi, have their single video release on their Facebook page before general release and their single can be purchased initially on iTunes

Finally, the following day and suffering from a huge hangover from the previous night’s single release party and too many Gin & Tonic night caps, I met with Brandi & Max in a café in Dams Square, Amsterdam, to discuss a new project and the possibility of us writing a Eurovision Song Contest song for 2017 for them, that reflected their unique “Glam Rock meets Opera” image and beliefs. We discussed the brief and we are on with the challenge.

A lot has happened in 8 weeks from BRAXI contacting us, to two of our songs been included on their album and attending a launch party.

I cannot stress enough what a pleasure it has been so far to meet and work with these incredible guys and we look forward to not only working with them in the future, but seeing their musical career blossom as they well deserve it.