“Breathless” entered into the UK Songwriting Contest

Our original song "Breathless" written by the team at "Musical Creations" and the unique Glam Rock meets Popera duo "Braxi" has been entered into the 2016 UK Songwriting Contest

"Breathless" an original and powerful Italian / English love song recorded by "Braxi" and written by the team at "Musical Creations" and "Braxi" has been entered into the 2016 UK Song Writing ... [Read More]

Great write up for the dynamic duo BRAXI


A great write up for the very talented dynamic duo BRAXI. https://www.peeltalent.com/braxi-music/ The team at Musical Creations are proud to be associated with BRAXI and look forward to working ... [Read More]

Just WOW !!!!

Musical Creations

We have just received the two songs written by us, that "Braxi" have recorded for their new album and WOW! They have taken our original compositions and improved them with their own versions that ... [Read More]

Two of our songs to be on Braxi’s New Album

Wow, this theatrical duo have superb voices and a unique sound


We are pleased to announce that Braxi, a theatrical duo from Holland are including two of our original songs on their new album which is to be launched in October 2016 throughout Europe, Canada and ... [Read More]

The plight of African people

The plight of African people

Our thanks go to Alf Bridges who very kindly put some very moving photographs to our song "I Need Love" and posted the video on YouTube. The song is about the plight of the people in war torn ... [Read More]

Listen to a few short clips of our songs

Musical Creations

Grab a coffee and listen to just 4 clips in a 3 minute medley of some of the original songs we have written. The team at Musical Creations write original classical crossover songs in Italian and ... [Read More]

Tune with no name

Just written a short piece of music on the piano. Haven't a clue what to call it or what to do with it. Probably overlay a violin counter melody.   ... [Read More]

There is only you

Only you

Some time ago we were sent some lyrics from an elderly lady in the USA. We were so impressed with the words, that we decided to write some music, a melody line and chorus to her lyrics and called ... [Read More]